A NaNoWriMo Journal: Tracking My Progress

I jotted little notes during Nanowrimo to track my progress. As you can see, it was an up-and-down kind of journey.

Day 1: Let’s write a novel! Yay! I am bright and chipper! Look at me type!

Day 3: It’s not so easy to write 1,667 words every day. What if I just did 1,160? The last five hundred words of the day are too hard.

Day 5: If you take it 200 words at a time, it’s not so bad.

Day 7: I’ve fallen behind. I need to write a million words today if I ever want to catch up.

Day 9: Almost caught up. Going good. I’ve gotten into the story. It’s about time.

Day 14: Almost halfway through. Don’t talk to me. Busy writing. I’ve found my character’s voice and I feel like I knew where this story is headed. I’m a bit behind again, but I know catch up.

Day 16: No more writing. Can’t do writing. Too much hard. Too much words. Too much thinking. Eating ice cream instead.

Day 18: This part of the story is actually interesting. But why so many words in one day?

Day 23: Coming down the home stretch of the story. But I am nowhere near 50,000 words. Anyway, it’s a kid’s book. It’s not supposed to be that long.

Day 25: Time, I have not. Write, I cannot.

Day 29: Just today and tomorrow. And then it’s over. Like I said before, nowhere near 50,000. But I’m almost finished the book!

Day 30: Finished the book! It’s probably horrible, but I don’t care, because I finished it in 30 days! 37,388 words in 30 days!

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