New Book: A Prince in Exile

The sequel to The Prince of Korin is here! Yay!

A Prince in Exile

It’s been about a year and a half since the first book came out. Normally, I wouldn’t want to wait so long between releasing books in a series, but in this case, I didn’t think I was going to put out a second book. I had some vague ideas of what might happen to the characters next, but I didn’t develop them. Then a few people sent me an email asking, Is there going to be Book 2? And I was like, well… Now that you ask, sure! It took me some time to put together those vague ideas I mentioned, but now we’re finally here!

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The Synopsis

The vizzen war is over but the palace is far from peaceful. Lord Gavindro, a foreign diplomat, arrives unexpectedly at the palace, his motives unclear. Endomer suspects something sinister lurks behind Lord Gavindro’s supposed negotiations for trade, but Krollis refuses to listen to his concerns. When the contention between the two brothers escalates to the breaking point, Endomer leaves Korin and sails to Lord Gavindro’s country to unearth the truth.

Across the sea, he discovers the threat goes far deeper than he imagined. A new enemy is on the rise, possessing weapons unlike anything seen before. Alone and far from home, Endomer is the only one who can stop the threat. To save his kingdom, he must face a dark villain determined to vanquish his people and all he’s ever known.