New Book Release: The Quest of the Luminae

My new book is out today! The Quest for the Luminae is a middle-grade fantasy novel that takes place in the same world as The Prince of Korin and A Prince in Exile. I started working on this book over a year and a half ago, so it is super exciting to see it out there in the world!

Years ago, I came up with a story idea where a bounty hunter and his apprentice are sent far from home to search for a myth. Recently, I realized this story concept would work well in the world of Korin, so I began to develop the plot further. I asked myself questions: Who sent them? Why? What country are they from? What motive do they have to find the mythical creature? And that was when the story of The Quest for the Luminae was born.

Here is the book synopsis:

Thirteen-year-old Milo lives beneath the earth.

He works as a bounty hunter’s apprentice in the Underground of Aetror. Along with his master, Rod, he tracks criminals through dark tunnels and does his best to not get killed. He dreams of an apprenticeship to a baker, or a carpenter... or anything safer than this.

Milo has never been aboveground. He’s never seen the sun, the clouds, or the sea, and he’s happy to keep it that way.

The king of Aetror summons Milo and Rod to the palace. He orders them on a quest for the luminae, mythical creatures with healing powers. For the first time in his life, Milo must leave the Underground. They must find the creature, return with it, or they will be executed. No one has ever seen the luminae and all other quests to find them have failed.

When circumstances separate Milo and Rod, Milo is left on his own. He must continue the quest... and find a creature that doesn’t exist.

Fans of quests, mythical creatures, and reluctant heroes will love this first installment in the Underground of Aetror series.

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